Friday, March 17, 2017

Teeth Broadcast TV Signals and visitors

Date: 3/17/2017
Type: CE4
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Time of Incidents: 5:30am (Me)/5:30am (Aunt)/N/A(Guest)
Attempted Time of Sleep: 4:00am (Me)/6:00am (Aunt)/11:30pm(Guest)
State of Mind Before: Very Depressed, Worried (Me)/ Sad, In Pain (Aunt)/N/A(Guest)
State of Mind After: Very Depressed, Worried, Anxious (Me)/ Scared, In Pain (Aunt)
Odd occurrences before: Pops and Knocks, MUFON OC meeting (Wednesday)
Odd occurrences after: Cold

The day started out normal, however as part of the birthday celebration I took my aunt out for some fun. We went to go see "Kong: Skull Island" and "LA: Beauty and the Beast". "Beauty and Beast" was bittersweet as it was an event my wolfbrother and I were looking forward to. The movie hit home sadly, especially since I heard the lyircs from the song "Evermore". Sadly it hurt. Despite these melancholy feelings I had a great time.
We came home had dinner and I put her to sleep. I myself checked my e-mail and worked on some projects. As it got late into the morning I was hearing some odd noises outside and inside. I really didn't take note as it was the usual knock, pops, scraps, and bumps. Around 4:00am I was told "you should rest", although I was aware of the knocks and pops and the suggestion itself, I decided to lay down because I felt sad. The issue with my wolfbrother has greatly wounded me, sadly it only re-enforces the negative self image I hold.... "I am unworthy of happiness, and I will never be good enough". Paradoxically I been broken so many times, the feeling is compartmentalized as I am operating as expected but aware of this more profound hollowness in my soul.

As usual I had trouble falling asleep, laying there was just something I felt I had to do. I had no intention to sleep. I was aware I was told to "scoot toward the wall" and I had a feeling something was outside. My sadness made me, susceptible as I really didn't care. Images began flashing in my head, something was trying to access something familiar to me. My memories were being rifled through, there was a comment of "soo many" and a first image was chosen. It was a tall male light skinned caucasian man with dark hair, were a pale blue shirt and tan pants...although the image was pleasing it made me sad. So again the image was rifled through, and this time it was a tan male with dark hair, wearing red shirt and tan pants. I laughed as it reminded me of wal-mart vs target. I felt "confusion" from an outside source when I made the comment. The image came into focus as I was laying there on my sleeping area, I realized someone was now kneeling down and going to touch me. My first thought was "I need my weapon", but it was followed by deep sadness and "I am not my wolfbrother. He is gone. Leave me alone. 'whimper'....". It still approached. As expected I could no longer move, and a very weird incident that has only been repeated a few times occurred. I began to hear multiple signals as if someone was turning a radio dial, but it sounded like TV programs. Three sentences were constructed from the various audio. 1) "My name". 2) "Keep the data safe" 3) "I am with you always". I responded to the third "You are not my wolfbrother though", again with deep sadness. Then it left.
The audio it was relaying was coming from my mouth! The frequencies were bouncing off of my teeth which made an audio noise! When freed my body was ice old which is unusual, and I did not have the A/C on. I was covered up though and should have been very hot. I noted the time and wondered what data?

In the morning as I attended to my aunt she was visibly bothered. I asked what was wrong and she said her legged hurt, but she needed her anxiety pill too. I asked why, and if something happened. She got quiet and was upset, and I asked her to tell me what was wrong. apparently at the same time around 5:30am and incident happened with her. She was reading a book and the white mass entered her room. It went from the hallway to her room to the bathroom and back to the bedroom, moved around the bedroom and then after awhile left into the bathroom. During this time she got her weapon up and attempted to yell. Neither my guest, the dog, or myself heard her. She also said it made a weird noise as it moved about her bedroom, like white noise and static. Then it just disappeared into the bathroom.

What we refer to weapons are a bamboo short staff and a stick. Since in the past they have manipulated metal and made it vibrate, we use wood. It is important to note that the night before I attended a MUFON OC event, but there was nothing unusual about this meeting and the speaker did not share anything new that I have not been aware of. Further the discussion and socialization I had afterwards was mostly involving the Hollywood Conspiracy on the Pedophile Rings, Musician and Artists selling their souls, MK Ultra, and the Paul "Billy Shears" McCartney of the Beatles. Nothing would seem to have been an influential factor.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Nose Bleeds and Kidney Issues

Date: 3/3-5/2017
Type: CE4
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Time of Incidents: 4:00am (Me)/4:00am (Aunt)/N/A(Guest)
Attempted Time of Sleep: 12:00am (Me)/12:00am (Aunt)/1:00am(Guest)
State of Mind Before: Very Depressed, Worried (Me)/ Depressed, In Pain (Aunt)/N/A(Guest)
State of Mind After: Very Depressed, Anxious (Me)/ Depressed, In Pain (Aunt)
Odd occurrences before: Insomnia, Kidney Issues, High Body Temperature, Wolfbrother Issue, Pops and Knocks
Odd occurrences after: Nose Bleed(s)

The Year of the Rooster fits my horoscope so far, it has not been pleasant at all. Personally I am devastated and very depressed, the only grace is the convincing facade I can put up and my dedication to my obligations. On top of this there are other worries on the burner, the possible Obamacare Penalty for one looming the largest. I am under a lot of stress, my wolfbrother was one of the few outlets that helped out greatly....

The past couple of days and nights my body temperature has been up to the point where the A/C has to go on. My kidneys hurt and when I do sleep it is fitful.The odd pops and knocks occur, but I try to ignore them.
Sadly I am reminded constantly "I am alone", I don't mind that as I was accustomed to fighting this on my own. However, my association with my wolfbrother has made me vulnerable.Needless to say I am numb, I mental recognize what has happened, how I should respond....but there is nothing I can do. I run scenarios over and over, looking for away to fix everything. I am trying to keep busy, but this 'curse' slaps me back to reality...."I am alone, and it is me against them".

The past three nights despite that I am sleeping early and take cat naps...I wake up between 3:45am and 4:00am. I feel something is amiss, I hear activity of things being opened and closed in the bathroom and kitchen, footsteps around the house and in the kitchen. I also have had nosebleeds in my right nostril, from what I can tell there is a small laceration/prick mid-way up the nasal passage. Besides that, my eyes, throat, and nose have been extremely dry when I wake up. Mind you I been hydrating myself due to the kidneys and high temperature, yet I feel as if someone used mucinex on me. I am also waking up with my feet moved to the right, where it has moved the sheets and undercovers.

The only odd dream to report is the following from last night:

Dream 1) I was at Michael Jackson funeral. He was wearing a red blouse and black pants laying on a white bed. He was dead. As I was standing there his body disappeared in a white flash of light, and I knew "they" moved him. I was told by a man in a dark suit that is was part of F.A.M.E Co., and that his body was moved to Area 115 for processing.

Dream 2) I was an my mother's apartment, it was early morning. During the day I had walked here from my grandmother's house and fell asleep. I was looking for my wolfbrother. I feel so alone. If I find him we would be okay. I am about 12, I know they been switching us. My wolfbrother will show up and they will take me, he needs to wake up so we can fight back. None of this is real. They are here, I lock the front door of the apartment and hide on the couch. They are coming in through the back, through the kitchen. My wolfbrother is with them,  they use him to find me. I wake up.....I am sad and want to cry. I go back to sleep.