Saturday, August 6, 2016

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Friday, August 5, 2016

The Remarkable Michael Lee Hill Case

This particular story caught my eye as Marduk and Loki are known to an associate of mine. He himself has no knowledge of who they were in our history, but odd that these name are parallel to case involving the same things. In addition, a friend of mine also in the same area "Great Lakes" also had encounters with these beings, but new them under the guise of angelic names too. The Remarkable Michael Lee Hill Case first appears 5/6/2011, collected from the various accounts of Michael Hill. The part I find most interesting is the following:

3. Face-to-Faceless Encounter With Marduk?

I had no idea who Michael Hill was when he contacted me one day on my FaceBook. He apparently had read up on some of my material and felt inclined to make contact with me.[6]

He told me that the sightings over Lake Erie were just a small part of a much bigger story. He also claimed he's had face-to-face communications with the aliens who fly the spacecrafts (encounters of the fifth kind). He also asks me to keep in mind that he had no knowledge about the Anunnaki at the time, and he hadn't read Sitchin's books. He had read somewhere about Nibiru, but didn't know what to believe, so he just decided not to give it too much attention, and if it is real, "time will tell".

Michael says that when there were indications that the ETs were of the Anunnaki, he found it strange, but on the other hand, he didn't know what or who they were.

However, in July of 2008, Michael had a face-to-face experience with these people, and now he does believe! He says he had a meeting with members of the "Ruling Family" of the Anunnaki to discuss a "change in Anunnaki leadership", and what the next step will be for humankind as we go from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius. In short, the meeting was about if we humans are ready for a disclosure of the alien presence on Earth or not. Are we ready to be disclosed to the Anunnaki and other alien races?

Of course, this sounds very odd. Why Michael, a musician and a filmmaker among thousands and thousands of others? Hints: blood anomaly, hybrid, pre-selection, agreements between lives.

This is how it all started, and it developed into one of the strangest encounters I have ever read or heard about. Still, Michael is also one of the most credible witnesses I know of, and I have no doubts whatsoever that what he is saying to me are his true perceptions of what he has experienced.

In July of 2008, a friend of Michael's took him on a camping trip to New York. They were heading for an annual event, called "Sirius Rising Festival"[7] (keep in mind that the Ša.A.M.i./Anunnaki are originally from Sirius, something that will show relevant. Michael knew nothing about this connection at the moment). His friend, in his turn, had a friend called Loki; Michael is not sure of the spelling (Loke/Loki is the name of a Scandinavian ASA God by the way, ASA-RRR being another name for the Sirians, according to Robert Morning Sky in his Terra Papers. Michael says it's pronounced something like "low-kee"), whom also joined in with them at the Festival.

Suddenly, Loki said he was going to check on a friend's campsite to see if everything was OK, and that he would soon be back again. Michael decided to follow Loki to the campsite, and that's where it got really strange, as Michael put it.

When they arrived, this camp site hade a round gazebo named, "I Dream of Genie Bottle", and that's how it looked like from the inside, as it turned out. While Michael and Loki were still standing outside, Loki told him that there were some people inside the "Genie Bottle" who were waiting to see him. Michael found this very curious, but he was also eager to see who they were.

Well inside, Michael noticed it was a round structure with a beautiful bed in the middle, with beautiful fabrics, making up the whole interior. For some reason, once he got inside, Michael found it very disorienting, and sometimes he couldn't find the door back out.

On the bed sat two people, a male and a female, but the strange thing was that Michael couldn't see their faces; everything from shoulders and up was blurry. He says he doesn't know if it was the lighting, but their faces were dwelled in shadows and couldn't be distinguished at all.

The male asked Michael to sit down, so he took the bean bag directly in front of the circular bed the two strange people were sitting on, and at the same time Loki exited the gazebo. The male asked Michael if he had performed any of the rituals on site, or walked "The Labyrinth" yet, which he told the male he hadn't, and didn't even know what they were. The male then asked him what he was there for in the first place? "You know what is going on around here, right?" Michael told him he doesn't buy into that ritual stuff, and the male said, "Great! Me neither! There are some strange people doing strange things around here, don't you think?"

At that time, Loki returned and told the two on the bed that this was Michael Lee Hill, who had filmed the UFOs over Lake Erie. Then, the male's demeanor totally changed, and he said, "Have you ever heard of "Coast to Coast" radio show? Michael told him yes, and that he'd actually been on it. The male went on saying that there had recently been a man on that show named David Sereda, who was talking about a testimony from a Senior Scientist from Lockheed Martin, who's name was Boyd Bushman[8]. He said this Bushman information, which had now been released, had upset many insiders, and he wanted to know if Michael knew anything about that?

At this point, Michael was beginning to freak out, but felt he needed to be honest, so he said he does know something about it, because it was in his film, "From Here to Andromeda"! The male seemed really shocked and asked who brought this person to him? Apparently, he also started throwing out some threats towards Michael and Bushman.

He then seems to calm down and said that they needed to find out how much Michael knew, and that they were going to do some experiments on him, and that it wouldn't hurt.

A few new people entered the gazebo and performed some kind of mind-reading procedure on Michael, with devices which read/manipulated his "third eye". One device looked like a small wand with a bright purple/blue LED on top of it. Michael could feel it, and he says it actually felt pretty good.

Then they had what appeared to be shiny, flashing instruments and laser pointers, and they told him they were going to remove some memory blocks.[9] The procedures they used on Michael were not painful at all, and when they were done, the male said. "I heard that you wanted to meet us? And that you have filmed our craft."

This is when Michael was told he was sitting before the "King of the Anunnaki". The actual name of the person was never given to Michael, but after all that went down, he had all the reasons to believe this male was Marduk himself, who is the one and only King of the Anunnaki on Earth.[10]

"Marduk" continued, saying that Michael is part of this Ruling Family as well (the Serpent Clan faction, supporting Marduk), and that it was a great synchronicity that he was "led" there, because now a meeting could take place between them all over a "change in Anunnaki leadership", with a new time arriving for mankind with a new "game plan" to discuss. They told Michael that he and someone else were incarnated here now, at this time as humans (as opposed to Anunnaki) to be here for the end time changes (could this "someone else" actually be Terrell Copeland?).

Loki then intervened and said he had spoken to Michael already, and they both thought mankind is ready for open contact with races from other worlds and dimensions, and become members of the Galactic Community. Michael spoke up as well, agreeing with Loki, and adding that mankind needs to be released from the bondage that had kept them in survival mode; that it's time that we humans get the chance to reach our true potentials.

The male on the bed, Marduk, listened while Michael and Loki were talking and then said, "If that's how you feel, let's do it." Michael asked, "When?" and Marduk replied, "Obviously before 2012!" He said this in a tone of voice like if it was a silly question and that it was quite self-explanatory.

So it seems, Michael is telling me, that there will be an open First Contact with the Anunnaki some time before 2012.

The meeting was coming towards an end, and Michael asked if he could see their faces, and they said, "No, you will see our faces ... tomorrow."

Then they added that they needed to talk about a change in Anunnaki leadership. Apparently (and this was in summer of 2008), they were about to change Kings. Michael admits this sounds crazy, but that's what happened, and in one way or another, he is involved in this process, and he still doesn't know how and why, and has no idea how to process this within himself.

As they were about to leave the Genie Bottle, the Anunnaki hybrid, Loki, walked over to Marduk, whom Michael got the feeling had tears in his eyes. Loki put his arm around Marduk and said with the most loving voice, "Don't worry, now you can finally rest, my King."

The male Anunnaki leader King followed Michael out, and Michael thought, "screw it", let his curiosity take overhand and took a chance to sneak a peak at Marduk's face. First off, he noticed Marduk was wearing a glowing, white-hooded robe and his face was not human. Michael describes it as looking "wavy" with very sculpted features, quite like a gargoyle, but actually very beautiful. He was not scary-looking at all. The strangest thing was that the Anunnaki leader seemed not to be physical, but appeared to be transparent.

I asked Michael if he could draw a picture of the gargoyle face, but he told me he can't draw at all. I sent him six or seven pictures that are in public domain and asked him if any of them corresponds with what he saw, and this is what he told me about fig. 7 below: "That first picture is kinda close but imagine the facial features from the eyebrow up more pronounced and the entire face/head was translucent."

The next morning, still at the Sirius Festival, Michael woke up and poured some water over his head. When he looked up, he saw a male and a female walking up to his tent on the dirt road, and he instantly "knew" it was the Anunnaki leader and his female follower (consort?) Now they looked very human. The male stopped in front of Michael and said, "Good morning, Commander Michael!"

Marduk, here walking around on the Festival campus amongst all the celebrating people who had no idea who he was, still had the sculpted facial features, but they were subdued, and he had the most radiant blue eyes. He and Michael spent most of that day together, and he offered to make Michael dinner. Michael took him up on it.

"The meal was awesome", as Michael put it; lamb with ocra and curry sauce. They talked, and Michael says Marduk was really a beautiful soul. He asked the Anunnaki leader what he was going to do about the Boyd Bushman issue; the information being revealed in Michael's film? Marduk said that now when they knew Michael is one of them, they will not be able to touch him, so he was told not to worry about it.

This was Michael's first meeting with the Anunnaki.