Thursday, February 23, 2017

Hidden Numbers

Date: 2/22/2017
Type: CE4
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Time of Incidents: 6:00pm
Attempted Time of Sleep: 12:00pm
State of Mind Before: Heartbroken, Very Depressed (Me)/ Depressed, In Pain (Aunt)
State of Mind After: Heartbroken, Even More Depressed (Me)/ Depressed, In Pain (Aunt)
Odd occurrences before: Insomnia, Kidney Issues, High Body Temperature, Instructions
Odd occurrences after:"Sick"

My Wolfbrother is supposed to be home but I have no word. I am assuming he is adjusting, and is probable feeling betrayed, disappointed, and angry with me. I expect the worse, but in the end I want him to be whole again. The awesome individual I met, who was full of potential. Over the past two weeks I been going over every conversation, email and text concerning what had happen. As usual things are in my logs.

First things first, I been depressed and my sleep schedule is thrown off. I cannot sleep, my temperature is fluctuating into fevers again, when I do sleep it is fitful. Logically I see this as symptomatic stress from the whole incident concern my wolfbrother. Despite outward appearances, it troubles me very deeply to my core. The experience has left me worse for wear in some regards, my lack in faith now more than anything and the fact I am a pawn in some twisted game.

I had to turn the AC on to get some sleep as my body temperature is burning up. I am not physically ill nor is the weather extremely warm, humid....but muggy. My room is sealed and is normally cold, but for me to relax I need it "COLD". Odd things is this reflects back on a maxim I have, "Better to be cold than know the warmth of love, for love will perish when ignited...often burning you or spoiling in the warmth." Yeah.... despite my attempts to feel otherwise... So I went to sleep around noon after tiring myself out with some errands. I had nonsensical dreams that were disjointed and just dreams. However I did wake up around 5:00pm to urinate....and went back to sleep. Then I woke up again in "Dream" but it was dark in my room.
The thing was I was extremely unsure if I was dreaming or was awake. The sun should have been setting, and if I don't have my light on it will be dark in the room. The AC was on, and there was someone in the room who went into the bathroom quickly. I got scared as I could pick up whispers in my head. I started looking for the flashlight by my side and turned it on. My field of vision was compromised as I was seeing in dark black and white. The light from the flashlight only helped a little, I grabbed my phone and did it again using the touchscreen and it was better. I noted a red string on the bathroom door, and it quickly got tugged in. I could her my canine companion outside. He was barking which is unusual. I had trouble walking, the lights wouldn't work and made my way to my aunt's room. She was already awake and was scared. I turned her lights on, and I still had trouble as nothing in color, but it was better. She said to bring my canine buddy in from the whole way, he was growling at something. I went and picked him up, my bedroom door closed after a blue towel peaked out and withdrew. All of us where in her room. She said they were here and wanted the dog to stay in her room from now own. She was crying. I could hear them in the hallway.
I woke was dark in the room. I fumbled for my flashlight, but the light on and got my phone. 
Odd thing is I remember what had just happened, but I felt that the sequence of events was the "THIRD" time I did this action recently...... I wanted to text my wolfbrother...but remembered I am alone now.
I got up, feed my canine friend and checked in on my aunt. Went back to the room and cried myself to sleep.

I woke up around 12:00am, I did have some fitful sleep....woke up several times as I was sad. Going back I recalled a dream from  2/20/17...I was given instructions on a code to access a computer. The instruction were written in green light, and a female voice asked me to repeat it. I told her I don't like females, and didn't trust her. She ignored me.

Anyway...this got me to think....what if everything had happened was planned. I think it was. The incidient happened on 2/7/17. These numbers are important.... Month and Date are "9" and year goes to "8", respectively 9 has a significance for me...and 8 for my Wolfbrother In this sequence...."Me + Him = Him"...(9+8=17, 1+7 = 8). Day of Restoration "?", further the catalyst was a symbol of himself. Things are still being played.... I don't know how or why...the story is no finished yet.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Visits, Cries, and and Ice Planet

Date: 2/10/2017
Type: CE4
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Time of Incidents: 4:00pm
Attempted Time of Sleep:N/A
State of Mind Before: Heartbroken, Very Depressed (Me)/ Depressed, In Pain (Aunt)
State of Mind After: Heartbroken, Even More Depressed (Me)/ Depressed, In Pain (Aunt)
Odd occurrences before: Wolfbrother Hospitalized
Odd occurrences after:Pops, whistles

I am a bit backed up in reporting as my Wolfbrother has been hospitalized due to last weeks incident and the issues of the past six months. So I been keeping myself busy attempting to be of aid to his family, and going through all of my logs trying to piece together the overall picture. Around 4:00pm my aunt started yelling "Get Away. Leave"....and I ran to her room and looked down the hallway. I saw nothing but my canine friend was agitated at the end of his area and ignored me as I went to her room to see what had happened. She claims that a tall white being was bothering him and she was worried it was trying to do something. I did not note anything as I am depressed and hurt. I am worrying over my Wolfbrother because I truly do love him as a person.

Date: 2/14/2017
Type: CE4
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Time of Incidents: 4:30am-5:00am
Attempted Time of Sleep: 2:00am (Me)/1:00am (Aunt)/12:00am (Guest)
State of Mind Before: Heartbroken, Extremely Depressed (Me)/ Depressed, In Pain (Aunt)
State of Mind After: Heartbroken, Even More Depressed (Me)/ Depressed, In Pain (Aunt)
Odd occurrences before: Wolfbrother Hospitalized, lack of contact from his family
Odd occurrences after:Pops, whistles

Today is a horrible day, as It is Valentine's Day. Not only do I feel the crushing loneliness of the holiday, but I am reminded of how unsuitable I am as a human being. The hospitalization weighs heavily upon my heart and mind of my wolfbrother. I tried to reach out to some of our mutual associates to let them know what is going on. Not being apprised of the situation saddens me as I have no idea how he is, what state he is in, etc. I have my suspicions on how his family views me, and I am trying to be as rational as possible. However as and individuals who considers as many probable outcomes as possible.....I am saddened. I been attempting to keep myself occupied, my aunt has noticed that I am depressed. My rabbit abilities concealed the issue that had unfolded between us as she is unaware of his state and current situation. It would only make matters worse if I revealed the entirety of the situation as she see this is a repeat of previous associates of mine.

I went to sleep praying for his well being. Sometime during this I woke up. I was paralyzed, the light in my room was turned on. I could see R.D.E in front of me. Something was walking back and forth in my room. Looking for something. I could sense that they were communicating with eachother, but couldn't make out. I attempted to break free of my paralysis using my suffocation technique. My arms would not respond to hold my noise at all since my hands was close. I had had my hands under my head and temple, was sleeping on my right side. I heard my canine buddy start to cry and I got upset and just held my breath to break free. I soon gasped for air, I heard an audible flick of my light switch. It was dark in my room. I listened and waited. My canine friend was still crying, there was noise in the kitchen. The light coming from under the door was partial obstructed and then clear....when I opened the door I could see my guest left their laptop on. That was the source of the light, something blocked canine buddy was shaking and cold. I held him and went to check on my aunt. She was knocked out cold. I stayed with her and my canine buddy in there for awhile so he could feel safe. I went back to bed around 5:45am.

Later on during the day I fell asleep around 4:00pm. I had a very vivid and odd dream. My wolfbrother's actual brother and I where searching for him. He was telling me not to end up like my wolfbrother, but I informed him that both of us suffer from being sort of a hyper-intelligence and we need to stay active. To him my behavior seems erratic, but too me he seems soooo slow. I also let him know I am sad cause it was Valentine's Day, he said don't worry "You and your wolfbrother will be back together". I was sort of angered by that statement as that is not the case. I concentrated on our mission. He believed my brother was at this hotel. When we got there he raced up the steps, and I went the other way to cover more ground. I encounter my mother's second husband. He said she was here, she was presenting evidence on the Third Ice Age. People from CERO and more were lined up, I began scanning the crowd for my wolfbrother. I could see part of the presentation underway. This is where it splits focus... 1) I am standing in the foyer of the hotel, where there is a line of people going into the auditorium. Two of the security notice me and a red haired woman. They point and tell me I am not supposed to be here. 2) I am laying down. My wolfborther is close by as I can here him calling out my name. I see an identical presentation on the screen. There are several greys. It is a map of earth going through a Third Ice Age due to the pole shifting, they show Europe complete froze over as it is the new north pole, Antarctica and parts of Africa are green and there is a land bridge connecting them. I wake up and want to text my wolfbrother.....but he is not available. I become sad and fall back to sleep.