Sunday, April 23, 2017

MUFON OC Present Anthony Sanchez "Undergound Bases and Alien/UFO Phenomena"

  MUFON Orange County hosted a presentation in April of 2017 with Anthony Sanchez, author of UFO Highway, founder of Umbra Research, and a celebrity on many shows detailing UFO and Ghosts.
He currently works on developing software and apps for ghost hunting, and in the past has researched areas such as the alleged DULCE incident in Arizona. Sadly his presentation was much less than it was expected, and it seemed like trouble when a number of attendee who know him complained about the availability of his book. Many such individuals had trouble ordering from his website, issues with paypal refunds, etc.
Anthony claims that someone is trying to suppress his work, although it doesn't explain why he has given excuses that is has to do with a family member mailing it out....... sadly one attendee had to pay over $150 to get a copy of a used book. Anthony claims that he gives the book away because of the information contained with should be shared with everyone......but....still by the book... from his website.....right.....

I must admit his presentation skills where less than stellar, it was lackluster and if I were a teacher.....he would get a "D-". Most of the powerpoint was from mock ups of an upcoming special of "Mysteries of the National Parks" and some pics taken from the net that has nothing to do with Dulce. The first hour of the presentation was to get us to think that humans are able to build underground structures...............

Yes my mouth literally dropped. Underground construction for one has been around for centuries, from the catacombs of ancient Rome and Paris, to the numerous mines worldwide, to our WWII era with bunkers and silos, to our modern facilities for storage and commercial enterprises. He then went to show us footage of an abandoned missile silo by his hometown....and abandoned lot with concrete blocks that was the remains of the structure. He then went on to recount some experiences in DULCE encounter unknown armed unit, some vague reference to the local community seeing strange things. It was all very very vague.
As a distraction point, he offered to show us a video "never shown"of a crashed UFO (mostly likely a government test plane that had a forced landing due to technical malfunction in a field). The video as usual was hazy and you could only see pin points of lights. Even though the footage went on for hours....the individuals did not call the police or fire department.

The next hour of the presentation was even worse....he decided to read an excerpt from his book. The excerpt established his source....a source who was vague military...with vague secrets to be revealed....if you buy the book. As time was running out there were some question roused from the bored room.... one asked if he had any pictures of the sketches he drew of the cryptids he mentioned...although he had his laptop..... nothing. Nothing original or concerning DULCE, just a schematic of the map he obtained of the Silo by his house. The presentation was basically.... "PEOPLE MAKE THING UNDERGROUND. ALIEN. UFO. COVE-UP. YOU DECIDE. BUY MY BOOK. WATCH MY SPECIAL. NOM NOM NOM NOM, ANTHONY HUNGRY, ME WANT FOOD AT NORMS". The saddest thing was the one lady that let him know that his book was awesome, but she had to pay a ridiculous amount to get it. In her few minutes of excitement she blurted what the book was about...and that few minutes had more interesting and relevant information that the entire two hours!

This was one of the worst presentation I had. It was basically a celebrity meet and greet with little to no information. It was a waste of my time, travel, and admission fee. Sadly this months presentation was a horrible experience, and has turned me off completely. One of the reasons why I am done, is that members of the board were there and did not direct Anthony at all in his poor presentation. They did nothing to save him from himself. Even a teacher would caution and coach a student, on what is appropriate academically and call them out on a piss poor performance.

Sadly this is not the first or last time this stuff happens. In the UFO community we have bloated researchers who tell the same story year after year, because they are in the know they get there names thrown around and enjoy a celebrity status. They do not look to the relevant cases that are of concern, and rarely share experiences or events that our recent. There are tons of websites, youtube videos, and message boards that freely share these new experiences and ask for help. Do we even need MUFON anymore? Do you even need to go to a conference other than the social aspect? 

MUFON OC Presents Preston Dennett and "Inside UFOs: True Accounts of Contact"

 MUFON Orange County hosted a presentation in March of 2017 with Preston Dennett. Mr. Dennet is an author and UFO researcher who has compiled a number of stories from individuals he has both met in person and professionally. At the march presentation he went on to recount how he had no idea that almost everyone he knew had some form of an encounter with a UFO or extraterrestrials. He himself had an encounter and for years kept it secret because it was just unusual an unbelievable. However little by little and he talked about the subject and researched, he soon found that co-workers, neighbors, family and friends all had some story to share.

His recent book "Inside UFOs: True Accounts of Contact" present even more accounts of stories from individuals he has interviewed. One fascinating story he did share with us was that of naval service man who served aboard an aircraft carrier. He himself had a buddy that claimed that Aliens would come and visit with him on a constant basis. Not believing him he mocked his friend saying "Yeah, prove it". The next day his friend told him some very intimate detail about his life and hometown. He even saw some UFO in the distance with some binoculars he just bought offshore. Things only he or someone from his town would know. Still not believing him, but curious he asked if he could meet him. A few days later he said they would come and visit. Not believing it he was like Okay..... the next day his friend said there here, just go up on deck. Sure enough right above the aircraft carrier was a UFO. He tried to get the attention of the personal on deck, but no one seemed to notice or care. Then everything just stopped and all was still. He held his composure and sure enough he was taken aboard. The ship went into orbit and after gain some composure he explored the ship. He was asked questions of what he would like to see and learn about, the voices explained some things to him and also showed him his home.....but when at the time when he was a child. He was shown his mother and father as well working as they did. After his visit to the past he summoned up enough courage to ask to see what they looked like, after all the experience was pleasant. When they reviled themselves he freaked out. In a few moments he was back in his bunk. Stunned and amazed he didn't know what to think, his friend came in and told him "See, you believe me now?". He asked some of his other crewmates and none of them knew what he was rambling on about. Matter of fact, it seemed that everyone had forgotten the past few hours. Sadly though the event freaked him out and he never talked to his crewmate again.

This was just one of the stories presented in this book. Mr. Dennet went on to share some other experiences and stories. Letting us know that these experiences are varied and happen to many people from all walks of life.

MUFON OC was a good crowd. The people there were friendly, although most are in their late 40's and beyond. Not only did they have the presenter there, but many individuals who are well known within the UFO community sometimes attends these meetings. They also had vendors with other books, DVD, shirts, and information on MUFON International.