Sunday, September 25, 2016

Where Have I been

Hello all,

As you know I have been rather silent for the past few months. That has not been due to a lack of activities, but my involvement with with Earth Dragon and Wood Rabbit. currently there has been a lot going on since 7/13/15. There have been some major shakes and upheavals with some level of damage control.

I will be more diligent in posting the information, things are just complicated. Not only do I have to deal with the day to day issues of normal life, but with situations that are spared to most.

September Second Visit

Date: 9/25/2018
Type: CE4
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Time of Incidents: 3:55am-4:00am
Attempted Time of Sleep: N/A (Me, BF, Aunt) /12:30pm (Guest)
State of Mind Before: Happy (Me/BF)/ Depressed, In Pain (Aunt)/Tired (Guest)
State of Mind After: Confused (Me/BF)/ Terrified, In Pain (Aunt)/Tired (Guest)
Odd occurrences before: Pops, Light Flashing
Odd occurrences after: None, Monday Incident

My significant other and I were having a great time. We had gone out for dinner, came back and spent some time playing video games and enjoying each other's company. We made pizza around1:00am and then watched a DVD. I put my aunt to bed around 11:30pm as her leg hurt and she was tired. My guest went to sleep around 12:30am.

As we were watching TV there were several pops and incidents where the light had flickered. My significant other has been indicating the the phenomena that we are experiencing in something other than what it seems and in concentrated on him. As of now I have been supporting his theory, as I am concerned. I worry about him. So even though I was aware they were here, I been complying to his "idea". During this time around 4:00am the lights started to flicker in more rapid sequence, the dog whined, and I had an impression they were here. I ignored that.

According to my aunt, she was already awake. A being of shadowy darkness came out again from the bathroom area. It walked toward her bed and then touched her on her left cheek on the face. The finger felt rubbery in texture with no distinct cold or heat. She was trying to yell and not allowing the being to touch her.
The dog start whining more and her cries were apparent. I heard her and investigated, she also woke up my guest as well.

She was in a state of panic in which I had to calm her down.I attended her needs and questioned her. I noticed that there was a physical sign of irritation to her left cheek. It was read. As noted with Monday's entry, this was a similar discoloration on her check. There was no abrasion from nails as this was not a scratch, it was an irritation. Likewise there was a mark that was fading, skin discoloration in white which looked like a backward "S" with the lower part as a "6". This was fading fast.