Sunday, October 23, 2016

Jonathan Reed Story

In 1996 in the Cascade Mountains in Washington, USA an individual came across an alien while walking his dog. The alien disintegrated the agitated dog and the man hit the alien with tree limb. Thinking that he killed it he took the body home. He then discovered it was still alive. Over the next couple of weeks he kept the being hostage, he gained as much info as possible. However he feared retribution. He also learned that the alien being could have left at anytime and was in no danger. Later he claims that a probe and a golden armband were found. He further claims since this occurred his life has been "paper" erased, but he is still around despite his SS being erased.

What is interesting is why the beings faced is blurred. We can see that it has eyes and a mouth. It seems to be no responsive, but opens it eyes. Curious that the face goes fuzzy.  There are claims this was all faked though.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Sheivae Project

The United States launched a series of satellites to explore our solar system under the Voyager name.
Voyager 1 launched in 1977 and contained a message recorded on vinyl discs in the hope that advanced space-faring civilizations would one day find them and respond. The data included general information about Earth and its diverse life forms, human civilization and culture.

During it flight in 1990's it was lost until contact was reestablished sometime later. According to a
a UFO website, The Shievae Project, now claims that NASA secretly received an audio recording containing an alien reply to its 1977 Voyager message in 2012, but has kept the information hidden from the public. A South African named Viktor worked in small company that specialized in private events and communication. During his time with the company he befriended a consultant who was loosely connected with the company "unofficially". In 2011, he retired of this company and he moved to the USA, but later he died of cancer in 2014. Before his death, in 2011 he told Viktor about this story.

The recording of an alien voice, claimed to be an effort by aliens to reproduce human speech artificially, begins with bleeping noises followed by a synthetic human voice that says, “Hello. I am Sheivae. I receive your message. I come from world far ways from yours. You are not alone. I hope you receive mine. I hope you understand my message.

The things is supposed the response was found on Mars???

Some questions are... how did the rover/probe obtain an access the data? Was it transmitting and the transmission was received? How did the rover access and way the alien spacecraft/probe not shown?
Why hit Mars? Surely it could tap into our satellites or send a probe to earth? Also, how could it not know our language? We have been broadcasting TV and Radio for over a hundred the Movie "Explorers" the aliens here learned of our culture via TV and Radio and could use english. Even in the horrible movie "Pixels" the aliens used TV broadcast and audio clips to speak our language.