Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Portents and Earth Dragon

Date: 1/15/2017
Type: CE4
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Time of Incidents: 9:35am, and 3:50 am (1/16/17)
Attempted Time of Sleep:6:40am (Me)/1:00am (Me on 1/16/17)
State of Mind Before: Heartbroken, Very Depressed (Me)/ Depressed, In Pain (Aunt)/Odd(Earth Dragon)
State of Mind After: Depressed, Sad (Me)/ Depressed, In Pain (Aunt)
Odd occurrences before: Issues with Wolfbrother, Door
Odd occurrences after:Knocks on Door, Door Opening

As I have been stating there have been something earth shaking issues with the one I call my "wolfbrother".
I been extremely worried and have lamented the situation. On this journey we started things have progressed way differently. It escalated to the point where it affected the holidays and I was to walk away...however because of my feelings and overall stupidity I am staying despite everything. The following to things are important to note.

Saturday I could not fall asleep again and fell asleep as the sun would rise. During this time I had the following dream...

Earth Dragon and another were arguing in the bedroom. It was telling Earth Dragon I need to leave, however Earth Dragon was telling it "No. I still need him". Earth Dragon told me to go wait in the living room. They were still arguing about me. I sat in the living, and I was scared. An older man taller and thin, white male came up and said "It is happening again. This time with him". I had the impression this man was Earth Dragon's grandfather. I asked him how he got in. He said "From the bathroom, 'They' come in from the bathroom". He looked at me rather sadly and asked "Who is going to protect you now? He is gone isn't he".
'They' are at the living room door trying to get in, I answered "I guess I am on my own again. I am always alone. I only wished I could have done more to help. I am alone though".

I awoke and noted the time. It was 9:34am...and I went to the bathroom. When I came back I got a call from Earth usually he was being cryptic...and just hung up... no words. I called answer. Three minutes he called and just sad "Wood Rabbit". I said "Earth Dragon I am worried are you ok?". He hung up. about 5 minutes later he called again and simply said "Wood Rabbit I am coming over to stay a week.", I told him I would pick him up and be there within the hour.

He spend the day with me and I tried to talk. He was being cryptic and I am concerned. That night I had another strange dream....

He, my aunt, and I were in a line. We were waiting to go somewhere and there was a stairway full of people. We were at the top going downward. Some female one with red hair and tanned skin came, and he walked away. She was very odd as she was emotionless. She told me "I will take care of your aunt from here. Please go now". I asked "Who are you. You do not know what you are doing". She simply looked at me and pushed my aunt aunt almost feel of the chair. I was becoming angry with her and told her to stop. She informed me "I am aware of what I am doing and this is necessary."...I tried calling out for Earthdragon to comeback and help. She said "You are alone. He cannot help you". She started to jack up my aunt's chair and she swayed back and forth, then she catapulted her forth and she flew off. I became angry and yelled "WHAT DID YOU DO!" I ran down the other steps and out to the sidewalk...I ran along the outer building. The next blood contained a series of tiered step pool/steam baths in which many "Rabbi" like people were sitting in. I yelled I will "Sue you all", they looked in my direction. I found my aunt passed them and was relieved momentarily when she land in a pool. However when I got close I saw she hit the edge and her neck was broken, jaw smashed and was bleeding out. I was enraged and thought "You killed my mother. She is dying dead". I knew it was my aunt....but I was also remembering my mom too. I began pacing in a circle. I began to have mood swings from crying to growling to quiet crying growling...control... repeat...repeat. That woman was there watching me.... she kept saying "Let go". I kept going in a circle each emotion building on the other. I woke up. Earth Dragon was buy me and talking in his sleep. I sat up for a while and then laid back.

Minor poltergeist activity for 1/16/2017 2:20pm. As we were having lunch in my room. There was two knock at the door. My other guest was in the kitchen playing his video game, and we were sitting and eating in my room. I close the door to my room as not to make Sebastien bothered. Something knocked at the door. I noted and thought it was odd, I could see no one under the sill. A few minute later it did that again, then the door pushed opened. The door is in the hallway...with no direct airflow...There is no exit point in my room for airflow as well (no open woman to create a pull, so technically negative pressure), however the door pushed up with the latch and click heard..       

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Shadowy Parasite

Date: 1/7/2017
Type: CE4
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Time of Incidents: 3:30am to 4:00am
Attempted Time of Sleep:3:00am (Me)/1:00am (Aunt)
State of Mind Before: Heartbroken, Very Depressed (Me)/ Depressed, In Pain (Aunt)
State of Mind After: Depressed, Sad (Me)/ Depressed, In Pain (Aunt)
Odd occurrences before: Issues with Wolfbrother
Odd occurrences after:Knocks on Door and Wall, previous incident

I went to bed with no thoughts of anything other than on my sadness and grief. I been having trouble sleeping again and I neither want to be awake or asleep. My heart is broken and I really just want to ... well you know the feelings. I have my duties and obligations. I feel asleep.

I was awoken sometime between 3:30am and 4:00am. My left arm was wrapped in dark shadowy energy that was cold. My left arm was both heavy, cold and tingly. I felt it move up and down from my wrist to the shoulder. In general I was paralyzed and I heard it whisper "(Wolfbrother) let me back in, I will make you whole. (Wolfbrother) let me in". At that moment I was angry/happy...I managed to move and project white light it and destroy it.... it was my enemy. Unfortunately nothing emanated forth....for a moment it was both scared/relived and attempted to disperse. I would not let it became agitated... it said "You are not (Wolfbrother). You are not (Wolfbrother)" and panicked as I said "I will not let go. You will no longer harm him if I must keep you here I shall". Something happened at that point...I was still cold in the arm and sat up.
I looked at the clock and it was 4:00am. I was unable to destroy it or take in in....but I did something.