Saturday, November 26, 2016

Power Outage and Knocks

Date: 11/21/2016
Type: CE2
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Time of Incidents: 3:55am-9:30am
Attempted Time of Sleep: 5:00a (Me, Aunt) /10:00pl (Guest)
State of Mind Before: Very Depressed, Very Sad (Me)/ Depressed, In Pain (Aunt)/Tired (Guest)
State of Mind After: Depressed, Sad (Me)/ Depressed, In Pain (Aunt)/Tired (Guest)
Odd occurrences before: Pops, Bangs, Waking up at 4:00am
Odd occurrences after:Waking Up at 4:00a.m.

No major events have been happening since last, other than the sense of something is wrong. My aunt and I have been waking up around 4:00am as if something is amiss. She has been waking up to some presence she feels. My dog likewise begins to whimper as well. I am usually awake and await till 6:00am to sleep for a bit, but the nights that I really don't want to be awake...I awake around 4:00a.m with the same sense of uneasiness.

Monday night, the weather was light rain which was just a drizzle mostly. I do have a tin awning, and unless it is an actual downpour....there is no noise. So the precipitation was drizzle, although the odd part was that I could here moderate rain across the street and hitting the tree. So my thought was...why is there light rain just above my house?????? That night I was very depressed and worried since contact with my Wolfbrother is spotty and he is lost. So I prayed for him. At the end of this it was around 3:55am when the lights began to flicker off, but they came back on. Then at 4:00am the power when out completely. I lit candles and checked on my aunt, who wondered what happened. I went outside to check....and it seems the radius of the black out was from Lorena to Olympic to the 60 Freeway down to Indiana, localized. Again I could see slightly heavier rainfall outside my property, but light drizzle. I did not look up but just went back in. I told my aunt the radius of the black out and gave the rationalization that there was probably a short power lines or transformers.

However as of today 11/25/2016, my aunt has some serious concerns about sleeping at night. She does not feel safe and says she hears things. I am awake, but I try to stay calm as nothing has manifested although I hear things outside my room.

Sadly emotionally I am not doing well. It is not just the holiday blues.... but it is the third anniversary since the incident with "D.W.D.". The issues with my Wolfbrother are now compounding things, as again I have been manipulated by them to aid one of there chosen...being used. Apparently I am not worthy or ever will be good enough, only a tool. They are so very very cruel. 

Thursday, November 10, 2016

You are Not Family

Date: 11/9/2016
Type: CE4
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Time of Incidents: 2:00am-3:00am
Attempted Time of Sleep: 9:00pm (Me, Aunt) /12:00am (Guest)
State of Mind Before: Very Depressed, Very Sad (Me)/ Depressed, In Pain (Aunt)/Tired (Guest)
State of Mind After: Depressed, Sad (Me)/ Depressed, In Pain (Aunt)/Tired (Guest)
Odd occurrences before: Pops, Monday Night Visit
Odd occurrences after: None

   Yesterday my wolfbrother appeared out of the blue and spent the day with me. He decided to pick me up and take me home. We spent the day together and went out for a walk. For the past few days he had been absent, like the incident from 7/13/16 he has been in communication with the false "Nayr". He claim to be in communication with this being, he has forgotten what this being truly was....a grey that attacked me.
He left after we watched a movie he decided to go home, I went to be afterwards. As to be expected there is a lot of pressure still, and I am trying to stay afloat. I have no help and I am alone in this. I put my aunt to bed a knocked out.
   As usual I had a fitful sleep but awoke around 3am, as I felt something is wrong. for the past couple of days this has gone on. I go to sleep early and wake up around 3am-5am with fitful sleep. I am thinking perhaps this was due to the time change, but that is not it. Something is wrong. I checked on my aunt, did my rounds, took care of her and stuff and went back to bed. She seemed bothered, but I assumed it was just her leg.

   In the morning we talked, apparent around 2:00am to 3:00am they came again. They were communicating amongst themselves. One of they leaned over and examined her. It was humanoid, she cannot recall any distinct feature other than eyes and the mouth. She did say "THEY ARE NOT FAMILY". I told her just to stay strong.
   This bothers me alot as on the walk I had with my wolfbrother, he has mentioned  "They are my family". This is in contrast to what I know. It is not a coincidence, and sadly shows the connection of what is going on. He is involved, but I do not know how. He has a vastly different interpretation of things and has constructed a paradigm suiting is ego, one that he is in total control. I believe he is compromised.